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Our Journey

DPR was founded in 2010 by Debbie Schogger, following a career at some of London’s most prestigious Public Relations companies. After entering and establishing herself in the industry on varied accounts, Debbie developed her knowledge and experience which has provided her with a foundation to succeed and deliver a best in practice service to her clients as a London based consultancy.


DPR offers clients a personal and tailored approach, operating as a member of their core team with cognisance of the specific culture. Our ability to adapt our approach for each client’s requirements has enabled DPR to progress and to go from strength to strength as a brand that is recognised across an eclectic variety of industries.


Our purpose is to deliver results for our clients through innovative campaigns, marketing and our contacts in the industry. We work closely with all our clients to understand where they want to be positioned in the marketplace and prepare a bespoke and tailored plan to deliver results. We deliver a first class and unrivalled service until our client’s objectives are reached.


DPR understands how to place your brand in the eyes of the consumer, the appropriate trade to approach, which brand partners would benefit your company and the influencers that will benefit your company. We have a great skill of identifying with each person to deliver a relatable pitch that is both personable and interesting. We believe that a blanket PR strategy does not work.


Our passion is PR and our best interest is always the success of our client.

Our Journey

Scope of Services

In our 15 years’ experience in PR we have seen a shift on how best to secure exposure for our clients. Initially clients wanted print media, which then transferred to online and video coverage followed by social media. Then came influencers and brand partnerships with significant followings. It is important to continually evolve with the time and keep an open mind. 

All the above channels work alongside each other and it is just a matter of finding the right balance to reach your target audience(s). 

The services that DPR provide are:
-    Blogger outreach 
-    Brand partnerships
-    Consumer press
-    Creative strategy and tone
-    Influencer engagement
-    National and international press trips
-    Newsletters
-    Press events 
-    Press releases
-    Social media copy and photography
-    Stockist liaisons (where applicable)
-    Trade press


‘Debbie came to me one morning with the idea to get the Prime Minister down to our chocolate factory. We joked how that would be a fantastic idea as we are sure the PM likes chocolate. Within 6 weeks, we had Boris Johnson in our factory and enjoying our new recipe! Superb effort’.


Dominic Simler – Managing Director, PLAYin CHOC Ltd



DPR work with each client to determine their desired monthly activities, which is then calculated into an affordable and competitively priced monthly retainer. On occasion DPR can cater to an ad-hoc one-off project fee. 

‘Debbie will only work with brands which she has a real personal interest in. Be it consumer, health, property or trade, as long as she strongly believes in the brand’s ethos, values and product, she will PR it.’


Nicole Wogman – Founder of NAY CBD

Current Clients

Previous Clients


‘Delivering for my clients’ is my passion! If I am not working on my clients, I am dreaming about my clients. The enthusiasm and drive are never ending’.

Debbie Schogger, Founder of DPR


Contact DPR

Say hello, we love to hear from new brands!


t: 02082482684

m: 07971838148


Dancers Hill House

Dancers Lane



Work Experience and Careers

If you think you share the same PR flair and passion as DPR, send your CV to along with a covering letter.

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